Monday, 25 May 2015

London MCM May 2015

The London MCM is now over for May this year but wow it was good. I think they have managed to sort out congestion with queuing as I went in as an early entry and last May still had to queue for half an hour but this year went straight in, I think it is a lot more organised now I just hope they don't change it.

My Charizard costume was somewhat a success. My wings misbehaved quite a lot but I think overall they were okay, they survived. I've had some ideas on how to improve it, which luckily means I don't need to completely remake the wings but more add to them, like putting in support. Apart from that my only other issue was a it was a nice day on Saturday... and I was wear fleece in a room full of thousands of people, I must be mad.

A lot of people did stop me for a photo, with one of them saying that they had seen quite a lot of Pikachu's and Umbreons but I was one of the first different ones he had seen. I will do a post soon with more specifics on my costume.

 I didn't buy a lot this year, but I did come out with a The Big Bang Theory t-shirt with Soft Kitty on and I bought my first Pop Vinyl/Funk Pop figure, and so it begins! As we went around the stands I had been looking through all the figures they had, because there was only one I was looking for to start off my collection and that was Lumiere :)


I also didn't manage to take too many photos but I think my favourite that I did manage to snap was a quick one of the Pikachu dressed as Thor, ah that wig. 

The main problem I had was a lack of forward thinking, even though I took a small cheap video camera I had an issue. Due to my wings, I had to carry my backpack over my arm, then hold my handbag but due to the crowded rooms, I have to tuck the tip of one wing in my elbow joint and hold the opposite wing with my hand. Then cling to my phone with my free hand. I'm hoping October will be so much easier, I have 2 friends who are going dressed as Blastoise and Venusaur so the plan is to make the Blastoise shell into a backpack then hopefully I wont have to take one, (considering doing this to Venusaur as well then even less to carry :D)

So, for the next MCM, hopefully be a lot more photos but will be updating with progress for next costumes I will be making as no doubt, I will be making the most of the costumes for my friends but I do look forward to it :)

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