Thursday, 27 February 2014

Another costume for London!

As well as Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy, I am also making another costume for the London MCM. It's a surprise for a friend from his girlfriend, he'll be staying at our house then the next morning be handed with a costume and dragged out the house to London.

And the costume of choice (ours not his);

Well if it isn't Link from the Legend of Zelda :D

It looks like a pretty straight forward costume however the bit I look forward to is th sword and shield, I get to make stuff with cardboard and paper maiche! Yay!

And luckily my partner is the same size rroughly as our friend so I have a model... whether he likes it or not!

So far I have bought a green tunic dress/woman's top off Ebay, got a couple of belts on order, I'm going to see if my mum will knit me some chain mail for the top and bottom, he needs white/cream leggins and top, gloves/gauntlets, boots/boot covers and of course the hat, which for wigs sake I may just make a hat with the hair already attached... which might or might not be fun!

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