Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ada Wong and Leon S Kennedy

It may be a bit longer than I thought before I get to cosplay as Meryl. Lots still to buy and with my partner going part time in September to go to college, May may be the last proper cosplay for me. So I've gone simple but still interested. Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil 6.

For Leon, it's quite simple if you go for the Chapter 1/2 costume, before they go to China. It's the hair,
red/orange t-shirt, black shirt, the jacket, jeans/dark trousers and boots. Then a gun if wanted.

Ada however is a bit more detailed or less simple I should say. It's the hair, cross necklace, red shirt, shoulder holster, black gloves, very tight look trousers, belt, chain and boots. For her I don't have any of the costume!

The hair for her is my main concern but I found a really good looking wig which was just under £19 from Ali Express.

China, and I have to say, for a character based wig its very good. I tried it on but it's not perfect looking, as with most wigs not very photograph friendly and I had litereally just plonked it on my head. I'll take some better photos when I have more of the costume together. I got it from a website called

I have also bought Leon's jacket from this website, but this hasn't arrived as of yet so I will post when that arrives. I bought a fake leather jacket only because I know what my partner is like for wearing and ruining decent jackets.

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