Wednesday, 6 November 2013

And so to May 2014

My original plan for the next London MCM was to stay over for the weekend, but with my partner thinking he may have to work the full weekend we're going to go for the Saturday again. 

This time I am planning, yet again, for us to go as Meryl and Johnny from Metal Gear Solid 4. We have most of the stuff for it, now I have 6 months to prepare for the MCM I have plently of time to get them finished. It's mainly some of the little, fiddley bits that are left, and the shoes, those are quite important.

Off the top of the my head, the key things we would need are;

  • The boots
  • Johnny's sunglasses
  • Johnny's top
  • Lots of holsters and straps
  • Knee pads
  • Desert Eagle
  • XM8
  • Green gloves
  • Opera gloves (for Meryl's sleeve gloves)

With that, the things I need to do;

  • Spray paint 1 of the attack vests (1 already done)
  • Spray paint meryl's bag
  • Spray paint XM8
  • Stitch Foxhound patch to attack vests
  • If knee pads are wrong colour, spray paint those
  • Make Meryl's bandana
  • Make bullet earring

I've got lots to do still but like I said, all fiddley bits that make the costume. I will post updates when I have actually managed to do something!

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