Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Delayed MCM post.

I feel like I haven't updates this blog in ages, thought itmight have something to do with me not updating it in ages! My plan was to post a night before MCM post and post on Saturday night, only with 3 days to repaint my living room and get all the furniture out before my new floor was put in yesterday, I didn't have a lot of time. My arms, back and legs feel the pain of painting and walkng around London for the day.

Anyways, we went very simple Steampunk. It was our first time dressing Steampunk so we didn't want to do anything too advanced. 

We went for nice and simple for my partner, he wore a black suit, white shirt and black shoes with a blue and black waistcoat. He had wooden cogs sewn to the buttons on his jacket and I made him a cog and watch corsage.

As for me, I wore a maxi black skirt and a white fitted shirt. I recycled the shoes from my Alice cosplay and glued cogs to the heels (which 2 fell off on the way round the Expo!). I had a black underbust corset with chains stitched to the sides and I stitched my pocket watch to the front. I had a home made bustle that was made by myself and my sister, which may I add we didn't have to cut a single piece of material, it's called a black bedsheet, 1m ribbon and lots of black cotton, not to mention lots of giggles as we were watching Ross Noble as we went along. I made a pair of purple goggles, which I don't think turned out too bad for my first time making goggles. For my hair I twisted the front parts of my hair and tied them at the back but I wrapped chains around the twists then put a hair clip I bought from the Steampunk Doncaster event to finish the look, (which in these photos I didn't have my hair done).
Hadn't stitched the watch on at this point

When we got to the event, I have to say the new rules and stuff for getting in do seem a lot stricter but we found it so much quicker to get in and a little less crowded than last year, even though we couldn't find the Steampunk Village for ages until we realised there was another room with stalls in it.

As usual there were a lot of fantastic costumes out there!

  Until the next time! =)

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