Sunday, 15 September 2013

Steampunk Update

I thought it was about time to give a Steampunk update, and it's a wet Sunday evening, I'm full of dinner and I have been busy getting ready for the London MCM.

But before I get started on that, I want to share something. As I am typing this, all I have staring at me is this; 

He either wants some fuss or wants the lamb bone from dinner today.

Anyways, I started yesterday adding to my costume. I have made a bold decision that I want a bustle for my outfit. I do have a skirt that is shorter at the front and made of voil. I was going to add some more layers to it but instead I think I will buy a simple black long skirt and make a bustle to go on it. I haven't started making it yet as I don't have a sewing machine or the material but I am going to try and convince my sister (Love you Moo!) to give me a hand to start making one. It's time to head to Google for this one.

I've bought an underbust corset from Ebay and I am very happy with it. It seems to be good quailty (I'm not an expert corset buyer so I don't know if it is good or not but I think it's really good) and it has a really good price to match.

I love it so much, I wish I wore these more often... not so much after a big dinner but in general. The best thing I thought about this when I found it on Ebay is that it's not just a good price, it's in the UK! I usually find good deals are from China which is a pain because I can't do anything for a few weeks until they arrive and then I tend to forget they are coming. If anyone's interested, here's the link.

The other thing I did was spend about 2 hours painting wooden cogs in brass paint, which looks more like gold but it is in fact brass.

And here is my partner, he thought I was taking a photo of him so I thought what the hey, why not embarrass him =)

Once painted, I'm going to use a couple on my hat and to my shoes. You may or may not recognise the shoes from my Alice cosplay but I didn't want to waste perfectly good shoes and I thought the would do fine as Victorian shoes, after all, when is Alice in Wonderland based?

The other things I have been working on are my hat, which I will show you when I reveal the theme of the outfit, but the other thing is my goggles. At the moment all I need to do is make the straps. This is the first time I have ever made them so I don't expect them to be perfect but here's a WIP photo, once they are done I'll post how I made them and where I got the basic tutorial from.

I'll update again soon! Promise! (Oh, and the dog gave up in the end, he's curled up asleep in the corner)

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