Monday, 12 August 2013

Batgirl or Catwoman?

Cannot wait as I have been invited to a fnacy dress party which means I get to cheaply dress up as whoever I want to! I want to go as Batgirl only my partner's friends want me to go as Catwoman (all male friends!) but I'm still leaning towards Batgirl. It's as simple as a batman tshirt, black skirt, boots, cape and mask with a yellow belt. It would be the super simple version of Batgirl here;
If I wanted to go more into it then yellow boots and gloves with yellow inside the cloak, but with just udner 3 weeks (I have known about this before now but forgot!) I think the budget batgirl will have to do.

This is more te idea of what mine goes with but you can tell it's one of these cheap costumes but I may not have much choice!

If I went the Catwoman route it could be complicated. I would go with a mask similar to batgirls above but with cat ears but then there are so many ways to go about it. Do I choose the purple outfit? This is me afterall. Or for some kind of skin tight thing that I can't breath in? Or do i go original? I've seen one costume where she wore a liatard and fake leather trousers then cut scratch/tears out of it. There's so many choices for her and as much as I would like to go as Catwoman I think Batgirl is the better choice... I have a batman t-shirt!

But I do get to have a whip if I am catwoman... Hmm choices choices!
Arkham City


  1. I think you will look great in either three! But I like the Arkham city one!! :D

    1. I do too, I'm going to go with Batgirl though only because when I thought about it, I didn't want to go around my local socialman's club, which is full mostly of people old enough to be my parents, in a cat suit I shall save that for a comic con =)