Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Yorkshire Cosplay Con

For all those who find it hard to travel or are just need something to feed their Expo addiction, there is something that may be able to help. The Yorkshire Cosplay Con! Years ago, Tokyopop hosted events at Waterstones book shops around the UK and there used to be one in Doncaster but since they closed there aren't anymore events.
In comes The Yorkshire Cosplay Con. This is based in Doncaster and hosted by Kitty Furniss. She put this event together because, to be fair, there is nothing going on in Doncaster or the surrounding area to do to do with cosplay or anime. I've found that since I moved down south there doesn't seem to be many cosplayers or events in the area but Doncaster is swarming with them, all you have to do is look around the bus station and you can see the potential cosplayers a mile off. Luckily for them the Yorkshire Cosplay Con is close by, only a bus ride away from the bus station and train station. The event was created in February 2010 and has come a long way since managing to procure many sponsors.
The last event September 2011
It takes place at The Doncaster Dome Leisure Centre but it is ticket only so you will need to get in there fast to make sure you get a place.
I did attend the first event as this took place a few years ago before I moved but since then I have not been able to attend and unfortunately I can't attend the next one, the 5th.What I can tell you was that the first one was a lot of fun, there were singing contests, dancing contests, cosplay contests, art contests and even an origami contest, which I did win with my international peace crane and mini international peace crane. I won a certificate and some back issues of Neo magazine if I remember rightly. There was also some stalls to purchase from as well. 

It's a fun day out and well worth a look into, I know tickets are limited but it's always good to know for future events and to support independent events such as these so more can come in the future! The next event takes place on the 17th of August but pre-bought tickets only.

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