Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The very idea!

After lots of umms and ahhs I have decided on what I am going to do for my steampunk outfit for London MCM in October... but I'm not going to tell you just yet, where would the fun in that be? Instead, I'm going to post some production shots and show you how it's going and see if you can imagine what it's going to look like at the end.

I will only give you a few hints; it will be Steampunk, it will have a lot of cogs and gears on it and it's gonna be awesome!

Check back here soon as I am going to start on it nice and early =)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Steampunk Doncaster

Coming back from the Steampunk Doncaster event with less money and more precious goodies and with  enough business cards to rival the Yellow Pages, I can honestly say it was a good day. Some of the things they had for sale were far too nice to leave behind, and for some of them we didn't.

Only a few business cards.
Before I get onto that though, I would like to say everyone who went dressed Steampunk looked amazing, there were some fantastic outfits and wonderful contraptions they were wearing which really inspired my partner. I'm still trying to work out what he wants to wear when we go to the London MCM n October but I'm getting there. When I finally start gettign bits together for his I will post up some WIP pictures.

Anyways, back to Doncaster, there was a good selection of things to buy. There was a stall that sold bird head and rabbit feet that me and my sister tried to avoid except my other half wanted to look and touch everything and thought it was really good.

One of my favourite stalls was Skewwers Steampunk. They sold a lot of jewellery and hair accessories that me and my sister couldn't decide what we wanted to get. We must have walked past the stall 3 times before we took the plung and made our minds up. I bought a hair clip for me and a compass keyring as a present for my partner. 
We also went to a stall where they sold wooden cogs and kits so you could build your own airships and things. We also went past this stall several times before deciding what we were going to buy. We bought some wooden hair clips, my sister got 2 and a bag of little wooden keys and I bought 3 hair clips.

And finally, from my first trip into the show, I bought some wrist warmers, or whatever you may want to call them. Again, me and my sister bought similar things and took just as long to pick out which colour and lace combination we liked. I may be modifying these slightly by putting a loop of elastic around the point to loop over my middle finger as they are a little loose, having skinny wrists isn't usually a good thing. 

After we left, and a trip around town, I came back to the event with my mum as she wanted to take a look around but was working. She came out with a key brooch with wings and a mini propeller. I also came out with something else, a necklace shaped like a heart from SteamRetro

For viewings on what my sister bought, go take a nosy over on her blog The Random Thoughts of Chippy.

Apart from that, it was 2 cups of coffee I had as well. It was a good event all in all and I would definately go again next time, I'll have to keep checking in advance to make sure I can get the time off but I will also be on the websites of all those business cards I picked up seeing what other goodies I can find.

Things are about to get picture heavy, apologies if things are a little out of focus, I was trying to take photos without the flash on, enjoy!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Steampunk Doncaster

I can't believe what I just found! I was looking through a list of UK Steampunk events on Facebook and all I came accross one in Doncaster. I couldn't believe it and evern better it's on the next weekend I am going up to visit!

It's like I'm destined to go so I am not going to miss the opportuity, and while I'm at it I'll see if I can drag my sister and mum along with me. The event takes place on Friday 15th June and Saturday 16th June. It's at the Deaf School, opposite the Racecourse, and it is free entry. There will be a 2 day trade fair being held here and there is also free parking. This is the part I look forward to the most, see what bits and pieces I can weigh my pockets down with before I go home =)

The Mansion House will also be open from 11am to 3pm to allow visitors to look around and have photos taken, take the opportunity for a photoshoot, you may never get the chance to have this kind of backdrop again.

Then, in he evening of both days, from 8:30pm, Cask Corner will be hosting your entertainment with the BB BlackDog Steampunk Band on the Friday and then their own Music Variety Show on te Saturday where you get to vote for who you think is the best. I wont be attending this due to family commitments but I do look forward to spending the day looking through beautiful Steampunk items and outfits. It sound like a fanastic day out and all on my (mum's) doorstep. It's very last minute to try and come up with something Steampunk to wear so I'll just be going as me.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Yorkshire Cosplay Con

For all those who find it hard to travel or are just need something to feed their Expo addiction, there is something that may be able to help. The Yorkshire Cosplay Con! Years ago, Tokyopop hosted events at Waterstones book shops around the UK and there used to be one in Doncaster but since they closed there aren't anymore events.
In comes The Yorkshire Cosplay Con. This is based in Doncaster and hosted by Kitty Furniss. She put this event together because, to be fair, there is nothing going on in Doncaster or the surrounding area to do to do with cosplay or anime. I've found that since I moved down south there doesn't seem to be many cosplayers or events in the area but Doncaster is swarming with them, all you have to do is look around the bus station and you can see the potential cosplayers a mile off. Luckily for them the Yorkshire Cosplay Con is close by, only a bus ride away from the bus station and train station. The event was created in February 2010 and has come a long way since managing to procure many sponsors.
The last event September 2011
It takes place at The Doncaster Dome Leisure Centre but it is ticket only so you will need to get in there fast to make sure you get a place.
I did attend the first event as this took place a few years ago before I moved but since then I have not been able to attend and unfortunately I can't attend the next one, the 5th.What I can tell you was that the first one was a lot of fun, there were singing contests, dancing contests, cosplay contests, art contests and even an origami contest, which I did win with my international peace crane and mini international peace crane. I won a certificate and some back issues of Neo magazine if I remember rightly. There was also some stalls to purchase from as well. 

It's a fun day out and well worth a look into, I know tickets are limited but it's always good to know for future events and to support independent events such as these so more can come in the future! The next event takes place on the 17th of August but pre-bought tickets only.