Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A last minute change of plan

I'm afraid I am not going to the MCM anymore as Meryl. Not because I don't want to, but because I can't get them ready in time. I desided that rather than wasting less than 3 weeks on trying to put together a costume that wont be up to scratch but instead I have changed now.

Me and my partner will be going to the MCM as The Comedian and Silk Spectre. It's a las minute change that I have most that I need for Silk Spectre anyways but the Comedian wont be too hard to put together.

I've already got a white boiler suit and yellow dye in the post, this is my way of avoiding buying a high vis boilr suit by mistake. I'm going to buy some purple pleather to make the neck piece, gloves, diamonds down front and, because the only decent price purple boots I can find are wellies and my partner wont wear them, I'm going to try and make some boot covers he can wear over his trainers. If this doesn't work, he's wearing wellies! I can't see what the problem would be if I have to walk around in those boots!

For Silk Spectre, I already have most of the things I need. I need to style the wig which is not the easiest for my first wig to style. Yes I have worn wigs before but no I haven't syled one. Eek!

I've got some sheer yellow fabric I'm going to make the dress with so I am going to make it into 3, 2 front pieces and the skirt. I'm going to make it 2 layers as it's very sheer and I don't want to walk around flashing off more than I need to. I've got the corset, the fishnet stockings, the glove and the boots, I just need to make the suspenders and buy some short black short, I am to walking around in my undies all day, I know she does but I'm afraid I not. After that, just need to make the waist 'belt' and the neck choker for the dress to attach to. Will I pull it off? only one way to find out.

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