Friday, 31 May 2013

London MCM Early Entry Ticket Sales

I'm amazed that the London May MCM has only just finished and yet they have just started selling tickets for the October London MCM. I can't wait for the next one so I may be buying my tickes as soon as possible, at least I've got 5 months to get something sorted for my cosplay outfit, I'll give you an update when I decided who will we be going as and one of these days I will finish one of these costumes! Damn me and my lack of sewing machine!

The dates are Friday 25th October to Sunday 27th October. If you want to take a look and buy tickets, here's the link

Blog on!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

And so onto the MCM

Well, unfortionately I didn't get the costumes sorted in time. More preparation and better time management are needed, that and a sewing machine but that's why I'm a novice at the end of the day.

Now before I get onto the event, I will say I have only ever been to 2 expos before than they were both in Birmingham. The event was what I thought to be packed but a great atmosphere all in all. That and it is my partner's first ever expo and I think the London one was not to disappoint.

We got to the Excel about 11:30ish and couldn't believe the site of all the cosplayers. I mean, with the Birmingham MCM I start seeing cosplayers when we are in Birmingham New Street but for London, we saw our first cosplayers in Peterborough which proves the size of the event.

My partner had never really seen cosplayers to be fair and he couldn't believe the amount of different costumes to the detail and effort that some people have but into them. 

Well, this really started something in him. When I was trying to do our costumes he wasn't so bothered. At the end of the day he's reeling off a list of people he would like to dress as and there aren't enough events in the year to cover it. He's thinking Fable 3 - King, Fable 3 - Reaver, hen he thought Steampunk as he saw some people dressed Steampunk and thought it looked amazing (and so did I!) and then he went on to Raven from Metal Gear Solid, Wolverine but the topless version, he saw a poster advertising the next film, and the list went on. So I've told him to write them all down and we will pick them out a hat, easiest way to make a decision in my house.

As for the crowded Birmingham MCM? Well not so crowded any more, I was pushed this way and that trying to get around the stalls and lost my partner twice which wasn't good to say he'd left his phone as home. The great thing was that the room was more than twice the size of the Birmingham one and had a lot more stalls to go through. I seemed to be attracted to anything and everything Steampunk related, it was on my mind. I love how they dress and how they have made some things that are meant to be modern look so... well not.

I mean, who ever thought Darth Vader would go for the Steampunk look. The best part of this I think is not only taking a classic that everyone knows and creating it in a different style but it's the fact that it is so well done, I think this looks amazing and the detail they put in deserves top marks especially with the gas mask idea.

Here's a couple other steam punk finds;

HMS Victorian Enterprise
Even though I don't drink tea I have to say this is a pretty awesome teapot. And see that shoulder, that's Robert Rankin's shoulder! I didn't take a photo of him but I did buy one of his books, 'The Mechanical Messiah and other Marvels of the Modern Age'.
And he signed it for me;

He has such a cool way of writing and after reading the first 3 chapters I love the way he writes, it's so random! 

The only other thing I bought was a pocket watch which I think is gorgeous! It's a wind up one but I love that I can see all the mechanics of it working. There was this one and 2 other to choose from but one had a white face and black hands and the other black face and silver hands which I felt looked too modern for my liking for this style of watch.

And to finish my little Steampunk saga I seemed to have had, some Steampunks =)

And to finish, enjoy some of the photos I took of some of the amazing cosplayers we had!

My partner and Jack Sparrow
Me and Sonic
Photo bombed by Thor
The R2D2 was drivable, it was awesome!

Hope to see you in October! =)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Justt a quick Silk Spectre and The Comedian cosplay. 

4 evenings left until the London MCM for me and well lets say I am not prepare. I need to make the purple collar and boot covers plus the mask for my partners costume then I need to finish the dress for mine as well as the waist belt and add ribbon to the bracelet and neck piece. 

After that all I need to do it cut the bangs on the wig a bit more and buy some fish net stockings and I'm all ready.

Lots of stuff to do, 4 evenings, luckily Friday is a... well Friday and I can stay up later, may jus fall asleep on the train on the way.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A last minute change of plan

I'm afraid I am not going to the MCM anymore as Meryl. Not because I don't want to, but because I can't get them ready in time. I desided that rather than wasting less than 3 weeks on trying to put together a costume that wont be up to scratch but instead I have changed now.

Me and my partner will be going to the MCM as The Comedian and Silk Spectre. It's a las minute change that I have most that I need for Silk Spectre anyways but the Comedian wont be too hard to put together.

I've already got a white boiler suit and yellow dye in the post, this is my way of avoiding buying a high vis boilr suit by mistake. I'm going to buy some purple pleather to make the neck piece, gloves, diamonds down front and, because the only decent price purple boots I can find are wellies and my partner wont wear them, I'm going to try and make some boot covers he can wear over his trainers. If this doesn't work, he's wearing wellies! I can't see what the problem would be if I have to walk around in those boots!

For Silk Spectre, I already have most of the things I need. I need to style the wig which is not the easiest for my first wig to style. Yes I have worn wigs before but no I haven't syled one. Eek!

I've got some sheer yellow fabric I'm going to make the dress with so I am going to make it into 3, 2 front pieces and the skirt. I'm going to make it 2 layers as it's very sheer and I don't want to walk around flashing off more than I need to. I've got the corset, the fishnet stockings, the glove and the boots, I just need to make the suspenders and buy some short black short, I am to walking around in my undies all day, I know she does but I'm afraid I not. After that, just need to make the waist 'belt' and the neck choker for the dress to attach to. Will I pull it off? only one way to find out.