Monday, 15 April 2013

Just a quick one.

I'm going to do a quick sum up and update of what I have so far and what still needs to be done. To be fair, 1 month and 10 days to go and I still needs a hell of a lot. I thought I would do this as I can then work out how much I do have to do and write it down, I'm not always glued to my laptop so a hard copy in a funky notepad is a must!

Front head to toe, Meryl in red, Johnny in yellow and purple for both.

  • Wig - Sorted
  • Bandana - I'm going to make this with a short strip of material, same fabric used for tops, and I'm going to have it so most of it is elastic apart from the front, why? Because I can't understand how so many Meryls have managed to get that bandana to look right with their wigs.
  • Bullet earring - Not even looked at this yet, not a priority but it would be nice.
  • Balaclava - Sorted
  • Sunglasses - Had a quick look around originally but not looked since, I might get my partner to look seeing as I am doing everything else.
  • Shirt - The spandex didn't dye well, so I am going to try again but dye it all black for the black tops of the shirts. I've bought some material off Ebay, they said stretch cotton fabric so I got 4 metres. However, it has no give no matter which way you pull it so I think I will press stud the neck to make it tight yet so we can get in and out of it.
  • The attack plate carrier - Slightly too green but thanks to a budding cosplayer on cosplay island they suggested Krylon sand coloured paint and spray all my accessories so they match.
  • Foxhound badge - Sorted
  • Holster - Going to buy 2 drop leg holsters and turn one into a chest holster
  • Skin tight 'gloves' - Like the shirt, this will be out of cotton now and we will see how it turns out.
  • Keyboard - To be fair, I completely forgot this part!
  • Green gloves - still looking for something similar
  • Tan trousers - Ebay
  • Utility belt - Going to be web strapping and a buckle. Job done
  • Things to hang of Johnny's belt - Ebay or sod it
  • Evasion bag - I've found a haversack bag that I'm going to use as a substitute.
  • Backpack - Need to look into this one, I may make it out of cardboard, cover it in fabric and spray it.
  • Drop Leg holster - Ebay
  • Drop leg platform - After spending a lot of time staring at Meryl I realised she doesn't have a drop leg holster but a kind of ammo pack as she has a DE down her left leg and one on her check. Ebay again.
  • Knee pads - Eby again
  • Boots - Ebay!
  • Weapons - I'm going to make a papercraft Desert Eagle and buy a XM8 toy and spray paint it. Job done.

Theres a lot of buying and making I still need to do but without a sewing machine I can't make the tops and I need to work out what is a priority for our costumes, such as the trousers are more important than the knee pads if you know what I mean. 

Fingers crossed will get a lot more done soon!

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