Monday, 15 April 2013

Just a quick one.

I'm going to do a quick sum up and update of what I have so far and what still needs to be done. To be fair, 1 month and 10 days to go and I still needs a hell of a lot. I thought I would do this as I can then work out how much I do have to do and write it down, I'm not always glued to my laptop so a hard copy in a funky notepad is a must!

Front head to toe, Meryl in red, Johnny in yellow and purple for both.

  • Wig - Sorted
  • Bandana - I'm going to make this with a short strip of material, same fabric used for tops, and I'm going to have it so most of it is elastic apart from the front, why? Because I can't understand how so many Meryls have managed to get that bandana to look right with their wigs.
  • Bullet earring - Not even looked at this yet, not a priority but it would be nice.
  • Balaclava - Sorted
  • Sunglasses - Had a quick look around originally but not looked since, I might get my partner to look seeing as I am doing everything else.
  • Shirt - The spandex didn't dye well, so I am going to try again but dye it all black for the black tops of the shirts. I've bought some material off Ebay, they said stretch cotton fabric so I got 4 metres. However, it has no give no matter which way you pull it so I think I will press stud the neck to make it tight yet so we can get in and out of it.
  • The attack plate carrier - Slightly too green but thanks to a budding cosplayer on cosplay island they suggested Krylon sand coloured paint and spray all my accessories so they match.
  • Foxhound badge - Sorted
  • Holster - Going to buy 2 drop leg holsters and turn one into a chest holster
  • Skin tight 'gloves' - Like the shirt, this will be out of cotton now and we will see how it turns out.
  • Keyboard - To be fair, I completely forgot this part!
  • Green gloves - still looking for something similar
  • Tan trousers - Ebay
  • Utility belt - Going to be web strapping and a buckle. Job done
  • Things to hang of Johnny's belt - Ebay or sod it
  • Evasion bag - I've found a haversack bag that I'm going to use as a substitute.
  • Backpack - Need to look into this one, I may make it out of cardboard, cover it in fabric and spray it.
  • Drop Leg holster - Ebay
  • Drop leg platform - After spending a lot of time staring at Meryl I realised she doesn't have a drop leg holster but a kind of ammo pack as she has a DE down her left leg and one on her check. Ebay again.
  • Knee pads - Eby again
  • Boots - Ebay!
  • Weapons - I'm going to make a papercraft Desert Eagle and buy a XM8 toy and spray paint it. Job done.

Theres a lot of buying and making I still need to do but without a sewing machine I can't make the tops and I need to work out what is a priority for our costumes, such as the trousers are more important than the knee pads if you know what I mean. 

Fingers crossed will get a lot more done soon!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Update - Plate Carriers are here!

I got my plate carriers today, woohoo!

That's the good new over with. Problem is the colour. I ordered khaki because I fell for the look of it on the photo.

I thought that was really good for the colour etc. Then when I got it, it turned out like this;

I've not taken these out the wrapper yet but they are too dark and green, even the flash on my camera made them look a bit lighter but these are the wrong colour. But alas, they will have to do unless the donation fairy drops the perfect ones at my door. Only thing is that the web strapping I have is in khaki but they are the same colour as the one in the photo above.

We will have to see how it goes and all fits together =/