Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Update Meryl and Johnny

Just a quick post for today, an update time for Meryl and Johnny.

I have the spandex for my meryl shirt only problem is that I only bought 3 metres thinking it would be enough for both of us, only enough for me I'm afraid so I need to buy another 3 metres. Only thing is I need to buy the black dye.

I've got the pattern now from Kwik sew so I can at least make a test pattern to make sure it will fit, especially as I need to modify it to fit my partner, him being a man and I've bought a female shirt pattern!

£15.99 off Ebay
I've found some boots for £15.99 that I like the look of instead of the £50 each ones.

The attack carriers are somewhere in the post, probably another 2 weeks before those arrive.

I have the webbing straps but no velco/hook and loop in khaki yet. 

I have found some drop leg holsters which look alright, only they are also in China and may not be here until the beginning of May (yes, a whole month to wait and the MCM is 25th May, I hope they are the right holsters!)

I've had an idea from akira_chan from, I'm going to make the chest holster from a leg holster and kind of put it on it's side and attach it... somehow.

£9.99 off
For the guns, I've found a cheapish plastic toy XM8 for Johnny but the Desert Eagle is a lot harder to find a good one that also looks fake if you know what I mean. The only thing with the XM8, which you can see in the photo, is that it's black, so I am going to have to somehow paint it to make it look the tan colour that Johnny has his.

Yea, it's all going well, I can't really do alot until things come in the post.

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