Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Update Meryl and Johnny

Just a quick post for today, an update time for Meryl and Johnny.

I have the spandex for my meryl shirt only problem is that I only bought 3 metres thinking it would be enough for both of us, only enough for me I'm afraid so I need to buy another 3 metres. Only thing is I need to buy the black dye.

I've got the pattern now from Kwik sew so I can at least make a test pattern to make sure it will fit, especially as I need to modify it to fit my partner, him being a man and I've bought a female shirt pattern!

£15.99 off Ebay
I've found some boots for £15.99 that I like the look of instead of the £50 each ones.

The attack carriers are somewhere in the post, probably another 2 weeks before those arrive.

I have the webbing straps but no velco/hook and loop in khaki yet. 

I have found some drop leg holsters which look alright, only they are also in China and may not be here until the beginning of May (yes, a whole month to wait and the MCM is 25th May, I hope they are the right holsters!)

I've had an idea from akira_chan from, I'm going to make the chest holster from a leg holster and kind of put it on it's side and attach it... somehow.

£9.99 off
For the guns, I've found a cheapish plastic toy XM8 for Johnny but the Desert Eagle is a lot harder to find a good one that also looks fake if you know what I mean. The only thing with the XM8, which you can see in the photo, is that it's black, so I am going to have to somehow paint it to make it look the tan colour that Johnny has his.

Yea, it's all going well, I can't really do alot until things come in the post.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

London MCM May 2013

As a last minute plan, I have decided to go to the London MCm in May. I'm going to go with my partner as he was going to go with me to the Birmingham MCM next year and I thought rather than wait a year I might as well go to the London one.

Only thing is that it's 2 months away, I need to buy the ticket and train tickets and also make 2 costumes. I've only gone for an ambitious costume for both me and my partner, Meryl and Johnny from Metal Gear Solid. I have cosplayed as her before but from Metal Gear Solid not the 4th game. At least I already have the wig but nothing else at the moment.

The exact attack plate carrier that I need for the cosplay is about £50 alone, and that's the cheapest I have managed to find so far. I have a choice now, I'm either going to spend £100 before I even start on our cosplays or I have managed to find one for about £20 that doesn't match it exactly but I have a plan! I'm going to see if I can buy a large patch of khaki velcro, run strips of webbing straps across and glue or stitch it to the front  bottom half of the plate carrier.

The exact plate carrier I need.
The plate carrier I'm going to buy and modify
Buying the cheaper one will make life so much easier! That's way it is already in the post, along with webbing straps now all I need to do is buy some wide strips of kahki hook and loop and I can mod the front. The next thing is the boots, the next £50 I need to spend if I want to go for accuracy.

The main problem with finding any hiking boots for this costume is that I need to find the same ones in UK size 6 and 9 because me and my partner need them. I can't try wearing bigger ones as I'll look like a clown but I can't find these in a size smaller then an 8 (unless they are on about US sizes then I feel like a prat).

Front head to toe, Meryl in red, Johnny in yellow and purple for both, I'm going to need;

  • Wig - which I already have from my previous Meryl cosplay
  • Bandana
  • Bullet earring - going to have to be a clip on earring as I don't have pierced ears
  • Balaclava - Already bought for a staggering £1.99! I love ebay!
  • Sunglasses - I have found a pair of sunglasses the right shape but wrong coloured lenses, so the search continues!
  • Shirt - which I have white spandex in the post I'm going to dye and I already have the pattern
  • The attack plate carrier - which is coming free post from china so I have 22days to wait before I can modify it.
  • Foxhound badge - Of course, can't forget this!
  • Holster - for chest
  • Skin tight 'gloves' - I've seen someone else make these like opera gloves then put the other gloves on top. 
  • Keyboard - I'm going to buy a cheap mini keyboard and elastic it to his arm
  • Green gloves - still looking for something similar
  • Tan trousers
  • Utility belt - Not batman's! But it looks like you have hang a lot off it, especially Johnny's.
  • Things to hang of Johnny's belt - If that makes any sense, little boxes etc.
  • Evasion bag - Meryl's bag is called an evasion bag, which I may dispatch my sister to see if she can find something similar for me (As I've said before in my other blog, my sister's superpower is to find things I can't on the internet!)
  • Backpack - Johnny has some kind of backpack on his... well back.
  • Leg holster
  • Knee pads - I've managed to find some that are pretty close to these on Ebay.
  • Boots - Ah, yes, the boots, says it all.
  • Weapons - and of course the weapons. The fun part - finding quite accurate guns that I am allowed to take into the London MCM. Now that will be fun!
I will give an update soon when I start putting things together, may have to wait until I dye the spandex and get the attack plate carriers so will put some WIPs up soon enough =)


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Birmingham MCM March 2013

I'm back from the Birmingham MCM with sore toes from my shoes but it was a good day out.

There were a lot of cosplayers and some had fantastic costumes. I also came back with a Pikachu hat and a Metal Gear Solid key ring.

Most of my photos are on video now but if there are any photos anyone wants message me. I finished my costume last night, a bit last minute I know but I was trying to dry it after I gave it a wash in tea to make it look a bit more dirty than the clean white Wonderland one. I've attached the video form my youtube channel below but here's a couple of photos of me and my sister from the day.

Me on the left, my sister on the right
I got to meet Spiderman!

Seeing Double

Me and my sisters are not posers, we just kind of stood and smiled in the same way in every photo that was taken of us.

Next year my partner said he wants to take part as well so we'll have to see what we will cosplay as together, I think Johnny and Meryl from Metal Gear Solid comes to mind but we will have to see. =)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cosplay styles

I thougt I would dedicate a blog post to other peoples cosplay ideas, going from simple to a lot of time and effort.

Since I started cosplaying I haven't really ventured far into cosplaying as such. I would say Vincent Valentine was my best one where I made the cloak and Cerberus myself and other accessories. It was one of those Tokyopop events at Waterstones and I won the cosplay competition. Since then I've cosplayed as Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid but nothing too advanced. I would say two of my dream cosplays, apart from Belle from Beauty and the Beast, are Charizard and Spyro the Dragon. The ideas I have for these aren't too advanced, I'm not going to be too extreme due to time and money so I thought I would do this blog to show one end of the scale of cosplay to the next and how anyone can do it if they want to.

Have you ever wanted to cosplay as something but never been sure how to go about it? SecretLifeOfABioNerd on Youtube has a very simple idea that's easy to make for a Pikachu from Pokemon cosplay. The nice thing about this is you can make it exactly as she has or if you want to modify it to make it more detailed or even change it for a completely different pokemon or animal you can. It's also good for those who need a last minute costume.

I love this hat so much, and as with the romper you can change it for anything you want really =) I might make the hat but I don't think I'm brave enough to go out in it so I may wear it around the house when I want to feel extra cosplay-ee

I think I'm going to stick to the Pokemon theme.

This photo is from ~H~ on I think the photo is really cute but what I like is the Pikachu costume. I have seen some people cosplaying as Pokemon in this way, it's a fur suit with a hood which I think is a lovely way to make an advanced costume easier if you know what I mean. Some people may dye their hair and paint their faces to match their costume but in this case the hood does that for you so no need for the make up, if I was to do a Pokemon cosplay this would be my choice on how to make the costume. It's simple but very effective! (and look how cute that little boy is! =D)

Check out some of her other costumes, she has some awesome ones on there =)

If I ever get around to it, my Charizard cosplay will be like this. I would love a bodysuit with a hood because I think it looks cute and you can see the effort put into them.

My last one is CanineHybrid on Youtube and this one is not a Pikachu cosplay. Well, there's not a lot I can say really apart from wow! this woman puts a lot of time in her work and you can tell.

Above is her Shadow Lugia cosplay and it is stunning, look at the effort put into it! I mean even the hoodie she made looks fantastic. She has some WIP videos of some of her cosplays and also a tutorials on how to make your own. This is probably too much effort for me you put into a cosplay but I still love it at the end of the day. It's people like you CanineHybrid that make me love cosplay!

Even if you aren't into "extreme cosplaying" she is well worth a youtube page visit to check out some of her amazing cosplays.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please go and check out some of these amazing cosplayers, I'm sure if anything they will inspire you =)