Sunday, 3 February 2013

White Rabbit

Doesn't he look cute =S
After buying a metre of white fleece I am ready to start making my white rabbit teddy, only problem is I still don't have any brown or pink fleece. 

The pink may be a problem but I think when my dog looks the other way I may borrow a corner of his fleece blanket... well it's not like he has only one blanket!

I think apart from chopping up the top of a pair of fleece pjs I have I don't think I will use fleece for the ear inners, it might make life easier.

Tha last thing I need is stuffing, my mum had loads form my Grandma and I am hoping that now I need some she'll still have it.

What I am going to do for the pattern is take a look at some sittng rabbit and teddy bear patterns and make my own from them. It looks like a simple project, right?

I will post up a WIP once I've actually started doing something! =D

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