Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alice Update

After one weekend with my sister, we have managed to progress enough so that I can finish the rest of my costume off alone, I don't own a sewing machine and they hate me anyways.

We have managed to create the apron through making patterns. First we started out drawing a simple idea, then we made a small scale pattern and cut it out of my tester fabric. Next we scaled the pattern up and measured ourselves to work out the right measurements, where we wanted the neckline to finish, how long our shoulders to our waists are etc. We then drafted the pattern onto paper and using an old white bedsheet donated by our mum we cut out the pattern pieces.

Due to the thinness of the bedsheet I have recommended my sister double up hers to make it more solid but seeing as my London costume is meant to be a scruffier Alice I thought this would add to the effect.

We created a separate bottom, top front, back front and belt. We sewed the top of the bottom and bottom of the top straight onto the hem of the belt then sewed the hems of the shoulders together. One key thing to note when making this, when measuring and drawing out the neck make sure you measure your head if you are pulling the apron over the top of your head. Mine only just fits so my sister's going to modify hers to suit.

Once I make the bow, which I am going to make out of more bedsheet then using wire out of wire ribbon add a bit of structure to it, I am going to put hook and eyes on the bottom of the back piece and the belt, then attach press studs to the belt and bow. We thought this would be a much easier method of getting into the aprons because it's impossible to actually have a real apron in this style any other way.
Once I put some press studs on the bottom of the back of the apron and the belt, I will put on what I have so far and take a photo. I had bought a black and white dress but I've found a black and dark grey long sleeve top instead that I think is more ideal.

The Vorpal blade has had another coat of paint, now the handle has had a base coat and she is going to paint the details on the blade after she has put another coat on. Also the pendant has been painted, all painted in acrylic paint.

 The rabbit is nearly done! Thank goodness!! I've finally found a pattern I'm happy with, I looked at a pattern and a denim teddy bear my sister has and drafted at pattern off those. Then, I hand sewed all of it because I don't know how a sewing machine would cope with fleece, that and sewing machines hate me! It took me about 5 hours to cut, hand sew and stuff everything which isn't too bad for someone with eczema on their hands. All I need to do now is sew a button on for the eye, add the brown patch, make the big stitches across it and make him look very dirty which I will be doing in the same manner as the apron, makeup! =)

Not the most perfect looking rabbit but with how long it took me I don't care! If I make one again I will go with the rag doll style rabbit but for now, I'm happy with this one.
Wave to Mickey when you see him!

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