Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Turning into Alice

I was originally planning to go to the 2013 Birmingham MCM as Belle in her blue dress but with my sister taking the plunge and doing her first cosplay I thought I would join her in her costume choice.

She is going as the Wonderland version of Alice in Alice Madness Returns in her blue dress, and I thought it best that I change my ides otherwise we would match in a bad way and it may look a bit silly. So I thought I would go as the London version of Alice. It's simple and something I can throw together quicker than any of the other dress she wears.

For the dress, I'm going to wear a black and white stripy dress and a black skirt over the top. Then, my sister is making me an apron as she makes her own out of an old bed sheet. Difference is that I need to add a black and white pattern round the edge and I need to 'dirty' my costume as the white on her costume is very dirty looking.

I was thinking of asking my sister if I could borrow a makeup brush and if she had any brown and black eyeshadow she didn't mind me attacking, if not i'd go out and buy some cheap, with me not owning any makeup this would be my first shopping trip to buy some and it's not even for my skin. 

The shoes are simple ankle boots with a buckle on and black tights. I' also going to make myself a rabbit teddy. My sister gets to carry around a vorpal blade, I at least want an accessory.

As for the hair, my hair is longer than hers but I'm going to pony tail and pin down my longer layers at the bottom then my hair will look shorter without having to cut it. 

Once I start getting more parts together I will post some production shots. I would like to create some of her other dresses in the future, potentially to wear and maybe sell on after, because I am not a big cosplayer and do not have any space to store the costumes or the money to spend on them. That and I need to either buy or make a dress form, there's only so much pinning of costumes whilst wearing them I can do.

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