Wednesday, 6 November 2013

And so to May 2014

My original plan for the next London MCM was to stay over for the weekend, but with my partner thinking he may have to work the full weekend we're going to go for the Saturday again. 

This time I am planning, yet again, for us to go as Meryl and Johnny from Metal Gear Solid 4. We have most of the stuff for it, now I have 6 months to prepare for the MCM I have plently of time to get them finished. It's mainly some of the little, fiddley bits that are left, and the shoes, those are quite important.

Off the top of the my head, the key things we would need are;

  • The boots
  • Johnny's sunglasses
  • Johnny's top
  • Lots of holsters and straps
  • Knee pads
  • Desert Eagle
  • XM8
  • Green gloves
  • Opera gloves (for Meryl's sleeve gloves)

With that, the things I need to do;

  • Spray paint 1 of the attack vests (1 already done)
  • Spray paint meryl's bag
  • Spray paint XM8
  • Stitch Foxhound patch to attack vests
  • If knee pads are wrong colour, spray paint those
  • Make Meryl's bandana
  • Make bullet earring

I've got lots to do still but like I said, all fiddley bits that make the costume. I will post updates when I have actually managed to do something!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Delayed MCM post.

I feel like I haven't updates this blog in ages, thought itmight have something to do with me not updating it in ages! My plan was to post a night before MCM post and post on Saturday night, only with 3 days to repaint my living room and get all the furniture out before my new floor was put in yesterday, I didn't have a lot of time. My arms, back and legs feel the pain of painting and walkng around London for the day.

Anyways, we went very simple Steampunk. It was our first time dressing Steampunk so we didn't want to do anything too advanced. 

We went for nice and simple for my partner, he wore a black suit, white shirt and black shoes with a blue and black waistcoat. He had wooden cogs sewn to the buttons on his jacket and I made him a cog and watch corsage.

As for me, I wore a maxi black skirt and a white fitted shirt. I recycled the shoes from my Alice cosplay and glued cogs to the heels (which 2 fell off on the way round the Expo!). I had a black underbust corset with chains stitched to the sides and I stitched my pocket watch to the front. I had a home made bustle that was made by myself and my sister, which may I add we didn't have to cut a single piece of material, it's called a black bedsheet, 1m ribbon and lots of black cotton, not to mention lots of giggles as we were watching Ross Noble as we went along. I made a pair of purple goggles, which I don't think turned out too bad for my first time making goggles. For my hair I twisted the front parts of my hair and tied them at the back but I wrapped chains around the twists then put a hair clip I bought from the Steampunk Doncaster event to finish the look, (which in these photos I didn't have my hair done).
Hadn't stitched the watch on at this point

When we got to the event, I have to say the new rules and stuff for getting in do seem a lot stricter but we found it so much quicker to get in and a little less crowded than last year, even though we couldn't find the Steampunk Village for ages until we realised there was another room with stalls in it.

As usual there were a lot of fantastic costumes out there!

  Until the next time! =)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Steampunk Update

I thought it was about time to give a Steampunk update, and it's a wet Sunday evening, I'm full of dinner and I have been busy getting ready for the London MCM.

But before I get started on that, I want to share something. As I am typing this, all I have staring at me is this; 

He either wants some fuss or wants the lamb bone from dinner today.

Anyways, I started yesterday adding to my costume. I have made a bold decision that I want a bustle for my outfit. I do have a skirt that is shorter at the front and made of voil. I was going to add some more layers to it but instead I think I will buy a simple black long skirt and make a bustle to go on it. I haven't started making it yet as I don't have a sewing machine or the material but I am going to try and convince my sister (Love you Moo!) to give me a hand to start making one. It's time to head to Google for this one.

I've bought an underbust corset from Ebay and I am very happy with it. It seems to be good quailty (I'm not an expert corset buyer so I don't know if it is good or not but I think it's really good) and it has a really good price to match.

I love it so much, I wish I wore these more often... not so much after a big dinner but in general. The best thing I thought about this when I found it on Ebay is that it's not just a good price, it's in the UK! I usually find good deals are from China which is a pain because I can't do anything for a few weeks until they arrive and then I tend to forget they are coming. If anyone's interested, here's the link.

The other thing I did was spend about 2 hours painting wooden cogs in brass paint, which looks more like gold but it is in fact brass.

And here is my partner, he thought I was taking a photo of him so I thought what the hey, why not embarrass him =)

Once painted, I'm going to use a couple on my hat and to my shoes. You may or may not recognise the shoes from my Alice cosplay but I didn't want to waste perfectly good shoes and I thought the would do fine as Victorian shoes, after all, when is Alice in Wonderland based?

The other things I have been working on are my hat, which I will show you when I reveal the theme of the outfit, but the other thing is my goggles. At the moment all I need to do is make the straps. This is the first time I have ever made them so I don't expect them to be perfect but here's a WIP photo, once they are done I'll post how I made them and where I got the basic tutorial from.

I'll update again soon! Promise! (Oh, and the dog gave up in the end, he's curled up asleep in the corner)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Batman, Gotham City needs you!

I went to the fancy dress party and I have to admit, I didn't make any of my costume, though I did substitute the boots for the boot covers. I also didn't make my partners outfit either, that was a stoc one bought from Argos but I did buy him another utility belt. The one is came with was foam and looked really bad so I bought one with pockets so he can carry his own things around rather than handing them to me as usual.

So I thought I would post and share some of the photos from the night.

The last one I decided to caption;

Feel free to click the image and vote for it on Cheezeburger

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Kyo Hat and MissCreepyCute

Some would say childish, I would say it's fun! I have found a shop on that sell handmade fleece hats. Now I know there are lots of people that makes these but the thing that caught my eyes initiately was a Momiji hat they were selling, I was actuall looking for a Kyo hat.

So I thought I would have a look around to see if there were any more Fruits Basket ones. Unfortionately not but they had a selection of black cat and rabbit hats that all have different coloured inner ears.

I'm not a huge at person but I loved the way she's done the ears! Most just stick 2 triangles on but this has been shaped to look a bit more... realistic? I don't know if I can say that about a cat hat but it made it more appealing to me. So I've requested a custom order for a Kyo hat. I'm going orange hat, yellow inner ear, a popping vein and his angry eyes. I can't wait to see what it looks like, I've always wanted a Kyo hat from when I first started watching Fruits Basket.

Oh, and I also thought I would get another one, just so it wouldn't get lonely;

Naturally it's purple! As soon as it's made, I shall post a photo of my Kyo hat =)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Batgirl or Catwoman?

Cannot wait as I have been invited to a fnacy dress party which means I get to cheaply dress up as whoever I want to! I want to go as Batgirl only my partner's friends want me to go as Catwoman (all male friends!) but I'm still leaning towards Batgirl. It's as simple as a batman tshirt, black skirt, boots, cape and mask with a yellow belt. It would be the super simple version of Batgirl here;
If I wanted to go more into it then yellow boots and gloves with yellow inside the cloak, but with just udner 3 weeks (I have known about this before now but forgot!) I think the budget batgirl will have to do.

This is more te idea of what mine goes with but you can tell it's one of these cheap costumes but I may not have much choice!

If I went the Catwoman route it could be complicated. I would go with a mask similar to batgirls above but with cat ears but then there are so many ways to go about it. Do I choose the purple outfit? This is me afterall. Or for some kind of skin tight thing that I can't breath in? Or do i go original? I've seen one costume where she wore a liatard and fake leather trousers then cut scratch/tears out of it. There's so many choices for her and as much as I would like to go as Catwoman I think Batgirl is the better choice... I have a batman t-shirt!

But I do get to have a whip if I am catwoman... Hmm choices choices!
Arkham City

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Back to the old ways I hope

I went round to a friends house the other day and they managed to spark something in me from their desktop background on their laptop. It was a Fruits Basket background. When I first got into watching anime and reading manga that was my first anime and I still love it now. It will always be my favourite. I mean, I've even cosplayed Fruits Basket, technically a crossplay due to dressing as Kyo =) I do admit I didn't do the most fantastic cosplays or that many but I was into cosplaying a lot back then. I even made myself and my friend plushies for our cosplays (which mine was kidnapped by my mum's dog and she pulled it's head off!).

The good old days of my badly fitting Kyo wig.
If I'm totally honest, for the last 3 years or so I haven't bothered with anything like that. I do admit at the time when I first heard about anime, me and my friend when nuts about it. We would draw manga, read manga, watch anime, google photos, breath manga, go to Tokyopop Recon events in the local Waterstones dressed up. We were crazy on it, and whilst for some people out there who still are, I just seemed to fall out of the habit. My favourite manga has 23 volumes and when I first read it, I would buy them as soon as I had enough pocket money to get three, yes three because Waterstones used to have an offer of '3 for 2' on all manga books. I usually bought one or two Fruits Basket book and then another one I needed. The only reason I have so many books is purely because I once one 3rd prize in an art competition with my Goku drawing and on the same Tokoyopop night I was first in the Cosplay with my Vincent Valentine costume and I won about books.

To make a point on how far behind I am on my manga, I posted this photo on my DeviantArt profile on the 5th January 2008;
In the comments I wrote I had;
Fruits Basket 1-5
Beyond the Beyond
Vampire Doll
PHD: Phantasy Degree
King of Hell
Devil May Cry 3 1-2
Sorcerers and Secretaries
Shrine of the Morning Mist
Psy-Comm 1-2
RedRum 327 (ThreeTwentySeven)
2xTokyopop Sneaks (1 from 2007, and the other from 2006)

Shonen Jump:

Dragon Ball Z

Of all of these, I only bought 3 more Fruits Basket volumes, 1 Culdcept, 1 Life and 1 Redrum. That's it! To say I was once nuts on anime and manga I just suddenly stopped. I have to admit that I have bought the Fruits Basket boxset on DVD and 3 more volumes today because I know I am in the mood to get reading again. 

I think it might be something to do with, and it's linked to my cosplaying really, I prefer to do things that are game or comic related, not really anime and manga like I used to. Some habits I do need to get back into I think! I just wish I had more time to do it .

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The very idea!

After lots of umms and ahhs I have decided on what I am going to do for my steampunk outfit for London MCM in October... but I'm not going to tell you just yet, where would the fun in that be? Instead, I'm going to post some production shots and show you how it's going and see if you can imagine what it's going to look like at the end.

I will only give you a few hints; it will be Steampunk, it will have a lot of cogs and gears on it and it's gonna be awesome!

Check back here soon as I am going to start on it nice and early =)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Steampunk Doncaster

Coming back from the Steampunk Doncaster event with less money and more precious goodies and with  enough business cards to rival the Yellow Pages, I can honestly say it was a good day. Some of the things they had for sale were far too nice to leave behind, and for some of them we didn't.

Only a few business cards.
Before I get onto that though, I would like to say everyone who went dressed Steampunk looked amazing, there were some fantastic outfits and wonderful contraptions they were wearing which really inspired my partner. I'm still trying to work out what he wants to wear when we go to the London MCM n October but I'm getting there. When I finally start gettign bits together for his I will post up some WIP pictures.

Anyways, back to Doncaster, there was a good selection of things to buy. There was a stall that sold bird head and rabbit feet that me and my sister tried to avoid except my other half wanted to look and touch everything and thought it was really good.

One of my favourite stalls was Skewwers Steampunk. They sold a lot of jewellery and hair accessories that me and my sister couldn't decide what we wanted to get. We must have walked past the stall 3 times before we took the plung and made our minds up. I bought a hair clip for me and a compass keyring as a present for my partner. 
We also went to a stall where they sold wooden cogs and kits so you could build your own airships and things. We also went past this stall several times before deciding what we were going to buy. We bought some wooden hair clips, my sister got 2 and a bag of little wooden keys and I bought 3 hair clips.

And finally, from my first trip into the show, I bought some wrist warmers, or whatever you may want to call them. Again, me and my sister bought similar things and took just as long to pick out which colour and lace combination we liked. I may be modifying these slightly by putting a loop of elastic around the point to loop over my middle finger as they are a little loose, having skinny wrists isn't usually a good thing. 

After we left, and a trip around town, I came back to the event with my mum as she wanted to take a look around but was working. She came out with a key brooch with wings and a mini propeller. I also came out with something else, a necklace shaped like a heart from SteamRetro

For viewings on what my sister bought, go take a nosy over on her blog The Random Thoughts of Chippy.

Apart from that, it was 2 cups of coffee I had as well. It was a good event all in all and I would definately go again next time, I'll have to keep checking in advance to make sure I can get the time off but I will also be on the websites of all those business cards I picked up seeing what other goodies I can find.

Things are about to get picture heavy, apologies if things are a little out of focus, I was trying to take photos without the flash on, enjoy!