Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Comedian

Well, for my Sally Jupiter cosplay, I have a brilliant accessory to go with it, The Comedian!
My partner has agreed to going to my next expo with me and as The Comedian. I wanted him to go with me for 'protection' seeing as I would be walking around nearly naked, yea, I thought best to take a man with me and who better than my own partner. He gets to make sure I'm okay and get an eyefull at the same time.

We've had a few ideas for it already, even though we only agreed to it yesterday. We have a green boiler suit that we are going to see if we bleach it if it will go green, and if not then try and bleach it enough to dye it yellow. It's a long shot but at least we didn't pay for the boiler suit.

The hardest part I think will be the boots and the belt. He said he didn't want to walk around in wellies all day so there goes that idea (though I don't know why, walking round in wellies for the day can't be half as bad as the boots I'll be wearing!). The belt buckle, I will either have ti find one somewhere or if i really want accuracy I will have to make one.

For Sally, I think I have found a pair of boots almost spot on for hers, the only difference is the lace holes and hooks, she has hooks at the top, the ones I found have got about 5 lace holes up and then hooks all the way up. Apart from that they are spot on, and so much easier to get on and about £70 cheaper than the ones I was going to get, even better =)

I am thinking about going to the next Birmingham MCM as her, which i think will be 24-25 November... which means I will be so cold dressed as her but it will be worth it. Lets hope for a sunny November... and central heating!

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