Sunday, 27 May 2012

A change of Plan

Well after being so excited for my Sally Jupiter cosplay plans I have descided that when I go to the Birmingham MCM in Novemeber I am not going as her. I really want to do the cosplay but in November? I must be nuts. My partner going as the Comedian is okay, he'll be 95% covered up, I wont be.

So a quick change of plan and plently of time to sort it. I'm going as Ada Wong and he's going as Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 to celebrate the new movie thats coming out in September with them in it and the release of Resident Evil 6 in October. Although Metal Gear Solid is my favourite game series, I have to admit that, for a very sueamish girl, Resident Evil is not far behind.
Ada Wong, see those flowers! That'll be fun to do

I'm going to take an idea from a fellow cosplayer and once I've made Ada's dress, I am going to paint the flower design on her dress, then stitch them over the top. Makes life so much easier me thinks. The hardest part is finding the perfect wig, and if not getting a short one and styling it, so I think I need to nvest in a proper wig stand, then I'll finsh my sally wig for whenever I want it.

Leon in his Mafia outfit

My partner is going to just grow his hair longer as it's already a leonish colour, i just need to put together his costume, he wants to go as the Mafia version from Resi Evil 4, thank goodness as that means there's less hassle trying to get gun holsters and straps here there and everywhere sorted to make it look good. All I need is a leg holster and be brave abotu having a slit up that high in my skirt.

Sounds like it will be a fun day, I might consider going to the London MCM for the day next year to show off my Sally Jupiter cosplay, fingers crossed it will be as warm then as it is at the moment, phew its hot. I hope everyone at the London MCM this weekend has had a brilliant time!

So, there's my next mission, I keep having ideas and not finishing them, I need to be more consistant! =)

Happy Cosplaying.

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