Friday, 20 April 2012

My Little Pony Madness

Is it just me or has My Little Pony suddenly become popular again but with a whole different crowd? Now I am no expert at all in My Little Pony, I know there's one called Rainbow Dash and that'd about it really.

When I was younger I had a few of the ponies but I wasn't that fussed, thinking about it they were probably hand me downs from my sister, I didn't watch the show or anything, just played with the toys. That was about 15 years ago yet suddenly it has jumped back again and become really popular.

Amongst some of my cosplay and anime friends, they are going mad over it. There's pictures, cosplays, own creations. It's mad really, but before I go any further I'm just gonna say that there is nothing wrong with going MLP mad, saying that because it's the truth and I don't want to get eaten by my friends.

I suppose, as I have no real interest in it, it's quite cool to sit on the side line and watch how everyone has changed. A few years back I didn't give MLP a second thought but the popularity of it has shot back up beyond belief.

I have seen Rainbow dash cosplayed a lot, some people ever dying their har rainbow colours instead of wearing a wig, which looked amazing, btu I saw one at the Birmingham MCM Expo where I saw a full grown, and quite large, man walking around dressed up as him. It was quite comical to look at but i couldn't believe it when I saw it. He is either a closet MLP fan, got dared by a friend or had his daughter come up to him, tears in her eyes, and plea with him to dress up at him.

As for own character making, I have seen a lot of these before but now for MLP. I've seen a lot of Richu's and Pikachu's being designed on Deviant Art but MLP is a new one really.

For example, here are Lilacmist (above) and Silvermist (left). These two Ponies were created by Cutetoboewolf  (check her account out, she's a brilliant wolf artist!) on DeviantArt using Pony Creator. Pony Creator is a flash game featured on Deviantart. It allows people to design their on my little ponies with ease, without the need to be good at art.Pony Creatoe helps to create 'realisitic' looking MLP at the same time as making them personal to the artist. It's a fun way to add a little extra My Little Pony to someone's life.

So really, when it comes down to ir, My Little Pony is not just a children's programme, it's an art!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Cosplaying and Me

I thought I would start another blog abour cosplaying rather than just general stuff in my life like my other. The main thing is though, I am not the best cosplayer in the world. I'm not one of these people that spend hours and hours getting everything spot on down to the underwear and I don't mind admitting to it. Yes I wow and coo over these cosplays and the cosplayers btu I am not one of them, no where near their league as a lot of people are.

I do like cosplaying and who wouldn't in my opinion. Who doesn't want to run around dressed up whether it be publically or privately. It's just a bit of fun.

Now I ain't the most skilled cosplayer or have many costumes under my belt but I do try and I like to try and suggest to others ideas when they are stuck for what to do. I do read some Anime and Manga but really I am more of a game and Comic cosplayer or rather I would like to be. 

I will get round to doing mroe cosplaying, I have been to my first convention now at Birmingham MCM and loved it so I'm considering what to wear to the next one but it depends on who I am with.

If I'm with my partner, I'm thinking Silk Spectre from Watchmen or Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3 but if it is my sister, then I'm leaning more towards Wonder Woman or something a bit mroe Girl Power! =D

 Here's Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3. The main challenges in this cosplay is finding a boilersuit or whatever you want to call it in that colour for a decent price and having the confidence to walk around wth my bra on show for the day.
 Wonder Woman, a simple yet effective costume. I don't know why I have chosen the one where Ia m closer to be naked for going round with my sister than I have with my partner but it's a fun cosplay and as I said, Girl power! =)
And here is the Silk Spectre or Sally Jupiter from Watchmen. I love her outfit so much and have already started on this cosplay. I've got the wig and everything it's just a matter of making the dress and styling the wig, then there's just other little bits and bobs to go with it.

I do hope to one day get on with my cosplaying and make my skills better.

Will post more of my cosplaying adventures soon =)